I’ve been working on a new piece for a few while. It’s another relief but of a much larger scale. 1.2m x 1.2m, more than 300 polished aluminium and acrylic elements on painted board.

65534666_1477791885693194_6956364542838308864_n (2)

I’ve given it the title ‘Congregation’. When I had finished it, the composition gave me a real feeling of coming together, gathering for a purpose, so I chose a title reflecting that feeling. Looking at the completed piece I was reminded of stone circles and people joining to celebrate the passing of the seasons. When I was younger I had a fascination with stone circles. The form, rings of raw stone, in often quite isolated locations, had a very strong effect on me.

65543935_1477793149026401_3978796688708993024_n (2)

The combination of coloured acrylic elements, some opaque and some transparent, with the polished aluminium pieces is effective. When the sun shines on it the work comes alive with relections, shadows and transmitted colour. As the sun moves the work changes. It evolves through the day and, friends who have bought a smaller relief and mounted it on the wall in their kitchen tell me, it never looks the same.

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Studying ‘Congregation’ more closely and looking at it from different angles you get a variety of rewarding views. New detail emerges and, as I mentioned previously, it is very optically active.

66482741_1476988069106909_7424991589895766016_n (2)66086968_1477792269026489_7618785543697989632_n (2)65782305_1477793312359718_2186045741284196352_n (2)

I am planning more work on this theme. I’m not sure at what scale, the larger pieces are very time consuming. They are really affecting pieces but I need to find a balance here. Is the effect worth the investment in time and energy? I’d like to think so. It depends on how the viewers respond.