‘Community’ installation in High Wycombe Arts Centre.


The Private View for my exhibition at Wycombe Arts Centre is on Saturday 6th April 2019 from 7pm. I will be showing ‘Community’, an array of 100 magnetic pendulums each four metres long. It’s a kinetic, abstract piece but open to many and various interpretations. I’m showing a selection of reliefs aswell and there a several other artists, mostly 3D/sculptors, showing work too. I will be presenting a talk about the magnetic pendulum installation at 12pm on Saturday 6th April. The work is on show until 14th April.

The fabrication of the pendulums and the framework which supports them has been a long and intensive process.


Each pendulum bob is an acrylic sphere, cast in two halves, containing a ring-shaped ceramic magnet and a black mirror.

52094071_1372899629515754_1104042212682891264_n (1)


I ran a production line to make all one hundred bobs, but still the whole task took at least 1000 minutes (I kept a detailed time-sheet for each part of the process).

Each pendulum bob is fitted with a two metre lower section, which will be joined to a top section with a bead-bearing suspended from a perspex and aluminium frame.


I tested the pendulums and the suspension of the pendulums several times, as can be seen above.

The fabrication is an ongoing business, with most of the work done, and the wooden base is one of the final parts. It has to be modular, come apart easily, for transport and installation. Work is ongoing but on schedule.