Some of the most fruitful ideas come in the time between sleep and waking. As you drift to or from unconsciousness the brakes are off and I find ideas emerge with a momentum all of there own. That’s why I keep a sketch book by my bed, to note down ideas before I forget them. Once committed to paper I can relax and sleep in peace.


The latest product of such a dreamlike moment is ‘Ocean’. Pendulums again, this time contained within plastic bottles stuffed with waste plastic. I am experimenting with LED lights to illuminate the bottles. If I can light the perspex rods and use them as optical fibres then the results may be interesting.

[ Note: I have continued to work on this piece and put it forward for an open call for the MK Gallery in Spring 2020. I am pleased to say the gallery has selected ‘Ocean’ for their exhibition ‘MK Calling’ and it will be on view there from February 14th to the end of April 2020. ]

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