New work in 2 and a half dimensions.

Reliefs are an attractive form. Sculptural but not. My tutor at university called them ‘two and a half D’ in a faintly disparaging manner. I guess they’re something other, a projection of the truly three dimensional into a two dimensional form.

Since the exhibition in Yorkshire I have taken a short break from the large magnetic installations to work on something different. Familiar themes of geometry/order and the random/chaotic but evolutions.


Ninety-nine Corners Turned [2018]   Polished Aluminium on board, 300mm x 300mm

This relief was a development from something I did several years ago. That was a smaller piece, with only 36 white elements. I used small, angled pieces of polished aluminium. I expected them to be optically active and the results exceeded my expectations. The piece came alive in sunlight. The reflections and shadows were something special.


Three Standing Circles [2018]    Coloured Perspex on board, 300mm x 300mm

This composition occured to me when I was looking through some old photographs of stone circles. I had a couple of summers travelling around Britain taking hundreds of pictures for ‘joiners’. Inspired by David Hockney’s photocollages from the 1980s.

1. Stonehenge [1996] Photocollage, 1000mm x 1000mm 2. Boscowen-un  [1996] Photocollage, 600mm x 500mm

The circle shape inspired me to make a relief composed of three concentric rings of coloured perspex elements. Again, I had anticipated reflection and shadow but the coloured shadows cast by the transparent pieces were particularly engaging.

I have already sold the first work and am producing more work. This is a rich seam and I am inclined to dig a bit deeper.

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