Parallel mirrors

Working with parallel mirrors led me to try this idea of a vertical stack of six pairs of square mirrors. The mirrors are separated by black and white tubes, made of rolled paper. This might appear fragile but the collection of tubes is much stronger than you might think. As I built the stack I changed the proportion of black and white tubes in an organic, dendritic way. The stack rests on a black rubber mat. This reflects in the infinity mirrors and creates patterns reminiscent of the Op Art works of Bridget Riley. The illusion of depth, and height if you look upward into the stack, is powerful and unsettling. The title shows common themes with the previous work. The illusory worlds in each mirror appear to occupy the same space to an observer. They are different, the arrangement of tubes in each is unique, but they seem to coincident. I find that intriguing. I like playing with perception and using my art to prompt curiosity about what is real and what is illusion.

DSCN2145 (2)

Spriggs, R. (2017) Coincident Infinities, Acrylic, Paper, Rubber, Mirrored Glass, University of Herfordshire, Hatfield, UK

Looking up into the stack of mirrors can be equally unsettling.


Coincident infinities was exhibited with another piece, Coincidence of Opposing Virtual Spaces. They shared a number of features and had a visual conversation which was interesting.

21371228_1008353079303746_3112065136107535991_n (2)

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