Add not subtract


My art practice is both about science and using it as a raw material from which to fashion work or as a tool with which to create new forms. As my practice has developed I have realized the strength of my personal history as a physicist and embraced it. A key scientific influence is the Nobel Prize winning quantum physicist, Richard Feynman, both for his groundbreaking visual approach to quantum interactions and for his wide-ranging philosophy, which expanded to include art and aesthetics.


Feynman’s philosophy, most notably his views on science, art and beauty, have led to a different strand of my artwork. Comparing and contrasting these two disciplines, drawing attention to the similarities differences, and celebrating the shared humanity of scientists and artists. In an interview for the BBC series Horizon in 1981, Feynman said “science knowledge only adds to the excitement, the mystery … I don’t understand how it subtracts.” (Horizon, 1981) This is, perhaps, the heart of my affinity with Richard Feynman. Science, for me as for Feynman, does not detract from my appreciation of art, it only gives me additional aesthetic avenues to explore.

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