A synthesis of Art and Science

Magnetic pendulum – detail

A friend and an artist I respect and admire provided me with this wonderful endorsement for a recent funding application. Thank you, it is great to know someone understands.

“Bob’s work is on a different plane to art that merely adopts ideas and images from science. He integrates his deep knowledge and love of science into a systematic and meaningful aesthetic and conceptual enquiry. His Pendulum installation is immersive and contemplative, its rhythms go in and out of phase, it has the attributes of a complex system, provoking in my mind a state of perception that lies at the mysterious interface of the physical, causal and noetic; the work embodies a fusion of physics and poetry and points toward a true qualitative, simultaneously subjective and objective science that takes into account the observer, not merely presenting quantities and measurement separate from the observer.
Bob is a thoughtful and switched on collaborator, he is a focussed and committed artist who has a huge amount to say.”